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SEASON OF MOURNING is a 6-piece Progressive/Doom Metal band based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Citing influences such as BLACK SABBATH, PARADISE LOST, and MY DYING BRIDE, as well as many of the more traditional heavy metal bands, SEASON OF MOURNING have been mainstays on the Philadelphia and East Coast Metal scenes for close to 28 years. The well respected band has shared the stage with such Metal luminaries as ACCEPT, ANVIL, RAVEN, DEVIN TOWNSEND, HELSTAR, LACUNA COIL and STRATOVARIUS. The band recorded and released their “Nameless Ones” EP in 2010. After signing with Philadelphia based label, Toil Records in 2012, “Nameless Ones” was released digitally, worldwide, by the label in the same year. Toward the end of 2012, the band began the recording of their full length follow-up to “Nameless Ones”. The new recording, “Salvation”, was completed early May 2013, and mastered by Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT/FATES WARNING). “Salvation” will be released by Toil Records on September 17, 2013 with the single “Fade” being released in advance on August 20, 2013. Fast Forward 2023 With their newest full lineup consisting of the most stable and talented line-up in years (Billy-guitars, Rai-vocals, Erik-guitars, Matt-bass and Jesse-drums, Leo-Keys/Piano),The band had to rework the lineup due to loss of interest in the band. Not only did we need talented players but family members to carry the torch. After a more than a few auditions we think we found just the right players. Then we set out to really add the input of the new players to pre-existing and new songs. We still follow a path of what we enjoy and want to hear and play. This will never waiver. We would also like to thank all past members for everything they gave to the band. You are all now part of the Season Of Mourning Legacy.

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